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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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chrysocephala, Chrysiptera Manica [A.], Pilcher [N.] & Oakley [S.] 2002:311, Figs. 1-2 [[The] Malayan Nature Journal v. 56 (no. 3); ref. 28222] Pulau Layang Layang, Spratley Islands, South China Sea. Holotype: UMZC 2003.1. Paratypes: (2) BMNH 2002.3.2.157 (1), UNIMAS uncat. (1). Species name not in heading of main text, but only in abstract (as 'sp. nov.'), etymology, discussion and figure captions; diagnosis, description and holotype designation provided without heading in main text. •Valid as Chrysiptera chrysocephala Manica, Pilcher & Oakley 2002 -- (Allen et al. 2015:18 [ref. 33797], Parenti 2021:60 [ref. 38418]). Current status: Valid as Chrysiptera chrysocephala Manica, Pilcher & Oakley 2002. Pomacentridae: Pomacentrinae. Distribution: Western Pacific: South China Sea and Gulf of Tomini (Sulawesi, Indonesia). Habitat: marine.

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