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aeroides, Gastromyzon Tan [H. H.] & Sulaiman [Z. H.] 2006:9, Figs. 3-4 [Zootaxa No. 1117; ref. 28496] Sungai Malamus, about 9 kilometers into track, tributary to Mengalong River, 4°59.120'N, 115°37.581'E, Siptang, Mengalong River basin, Sabah, elevation 50 meters. Holotype: MUS uncat. Paratypes: MUS uncat. (3); ZRC 47021 (4), 47022 (7). Plus non-type material. Second author also seen as Zohrah. The species name is a noun. •Valid as Gastromyzon aeroides Tan & Sulaiman 2006 -- (Tan 2006:86 [ref. 28716], Kottelat 2012:61 [ref. 32367], Kottelat 2013:192 [ref. 32989], Sulaiman et al. 2018:31 [ref. 35802]). Current status: Valid as Gastromyzon aeroides Tan & Sulaiman 2006. Gastromyzontidae. Distribution: Western Sabah and Brunei Darussalam, Borneo. Habitat: freshwater.

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