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salvelinoinsularis, Salmo form Lönnberg [E.] 1900:7 [Bihang till Kongl. Svenska vetenskaps-akademiens handlingar. Stockholm v. 26 (Afd. 4) (no. 4); ref. 28826] Lake Ella, Bear Island. Lectotype: 116 mm SL female (lost). Paralectotypes: (2) lost. Described as Salmo salvelino-insularis-Form. Regarded as infraspecific and unavailable as above in the Catalog of Fishes. Treated by Kottelat & Freyhof 2007:434 [ref. 29996] as available for the small species in Bear Island lakes. Kottelat & Freyhof 2009:82 [ref. 30320] designate the 116-mm SL specimen (lost) as lectotype to establish that connection. •Valid as Salvelinus salvelinoinsularis (Lönnberg 1900) -- (Kottelat & Freyhof 2007:426 [ref. 29996], Kottelat & Freyhof 2009:82 [ref. 30320]) Infrasubspecific. Current status: Valid as Salvelinus salvelinoinsularis (Lönnberg 1900). Salmonidae: Salmoninae. Distribution: Bear Island (74°25'N, 19°00'E). Habitat: freshwater.