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lavenbergi, Pseudoscopelus Melo [M. R. S.], Walker [H. J., Jr.] & Klepadlo [C.] 2007:36, Figs. 4, 5, 6 [Zootaxa No. 1605; ref. 29307] Eastern Pacific off Ecuador, 1°21.0'N, 86°36.0'W. Holotype: SIO 71-358. Paratypes: Many at CAS, LACM, SIO and USNM. Plus non-type material. Melo 2010:65 [ref. 31058] includes Pseudoscopelus savagei Lavenberg in synonymy -- an unavailable name from an unpublished dissertation. •Valid as Pseudoscopelus lavenbergi Melo, Walker & Klepadlo 2007 -- (Prokofiev 2014:647 [ref. 34633], Robertson et al. 2017:96 [ref. 35676]). Current status: Valid as Pseudoscopelus lavenbergi Melo, Walker & Klepadlo 2007. Chiasmodontidae. Distribution: Eastern Pacific: California to Chile and to near the Hawaiian Islands. Habitat: marine.

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