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jadovaensis, Cobitis Mustafic [P.] & Mrakovčić [M.] in Mustafic et al. 2008:5, Figs. 2-4 [Folia Zoologica: international journal of vertebrate zoology. v. 57 (nos 1-2); ref. 29642] Small refuge pond remaining after drying out of Jadova River, 44°30'14.6"N, 15°32'42.5"E, Croatia, elevation 582 meters. Holotype: PMR VP1654. Paratypes: PMF ZZ2171 (9), ZZ2172 (2); PMR VP1655 (2) •Valid as Cobitis jadovaensis Mustafic & Mrakovčić 2008 -- (Kottelat 2012:26 [ref. 32367], Buj et al. 2014:15, 23 [ref. 33367], Ćaleta et al. 2015:56 [ref. 34877], Eagderi et al. 2017:50 [ref. 35199], Ćaleta et al. 2019:148 [ref. 37026]). Current status: Valid as Cobitis jadovaensis Mustafic & Mrakovčić 2008. Cobitidae. Distribution: Southeastern Europe: Jadova River (Croatia). Habitat: freshwater.

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