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amaxanthum, Megalonema Lundberg [J. G.] & Dahdul [W. M.] 2008:447, Fig. 6 [Neotropical Ichthyology v. 6 (no. 3); ref. 29853] Río Tahuamanu from Boca Nareuda to below Cachuelita, 11°18'S, 68°44'W, Pando State, Bolivia. Holotype: CBF 11896 [ex FMNH 106769]. Paratypes: many at ANSP, FMNH, IAvH-P, MBUCV-V, MUSM, MZUSP, NPA, USNM. Plus non-type specimens. Type catalog: DoNascimiento et al. 2016:413 [ref. 34787]. •Valid as Megalonema amaxanthum Lundberg & Dahdul 2008 -- (Barriga Salazar 2014:114 [ref. 35745], Sarmiento et al. 2014:192 [ref. 35004], Meza-Vargas et al. 2021:23 [ref. 39298]). Current status: Valid as Megalonema amaxanthum Lundberg & Dahdul 2008. Pimelodidae. Distribution: South America: Amazon River basin (Bolivia, Brazil, ?Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana and Peru). Habitat: freshwater.

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