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padamya, Puntius Kullander [S. O.] & Britz [R.] 2008:57, Figs. 1-3 [Electronic Journal of Ichthyology, Bulletin of the European Ichthyology Society. v. 2; ref. 29861] Ayeyarwaddy River drainage, artificial pond in Toe Gyi village, above Aniskan falls, near Pyin Oo Lwin, on road Mandalay-Hsipae, 21°58'36"N, 96°23'24"E, Manadlay Division, Myanmar. Holotype: USNM 385952. Paratypes: USNM 392623 (33). Plus non-type specimens as NRM and USNM. •Valid as Pethia padamya (Kullander & Britz 2008) -- (Pethiyagoda et al. 2012:81 [ref. 32071], Mayanglambam & Vishwanath 2013:88 [ref. 32976], Katwate et al. 2014:244 [ref. 33433], Katwate et al. 2016:2044 [ref. 34413], Shangningam & Vishwanath 2018:590 [ref. 35803], Ren et al. 2020:[5] [ref. 37805]). Current status: Valid as Pethia padamya (Kullander & Britz 2008). Cyprinidae: Smiliogastrinae. Distribution: South Asia: Artificial pond near Toe Gyi village and lower Chindwin River, Chindwin-Irrawaddy basin (Myanmar). Habitat: freshwater.

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