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nigra, Halicmetus Ho [H.-C.], Endo [H.] & Sakamaki [K.] 2008:768, Figs. 1, 4A, 5A [Zoological Studies v. 47 (no. 6); ref. 29970] Central Tosa Bay, off Kochi, Shikoku Island, Japan, depth about 500 meters. Holotype: BSKU 44380. Paratypes: many at AMS, ASIZP, BSKU, NSMT. Type catalog: Ho & Shao 2011:37 [ref. 31432]. The name is apparently an adjective and should be spelled niger when in Halicmetus. •Valid as Halicmetus niger Ho, Endo & Sakamaki 2008 -- (Ho & Shao 2011:37 [ref. 31432], Ho & Last 2018:194 [ref. 36258], Prokofiev 2020:837 [ref. 38047]). Current status: Valid as Halicmetus niger Ho, Endo & Sakamaki 2008. Ogcocephalidae. Distribution: Western Pacific: Japa, Taiwan, and eastern Australia. Habitat: marine.

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