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imaii, Trimma Suzuki [T.] & Senou [H.] 2009:108, Figs. 1-4 [Bulletin of the Kanagawa Prefectural Museum (Natural Science) No. 38; ref. 30452] North of Izu-ohshima Island, Izu Islands, Japan, 34°47'12''N 139°24'32''E, depth 55 meters. Holotype: KPM-NI 4252. Additional non-type material. Type catalog: Winterbottom 2019:35 [ref. 37115]. •Valid as Trimma imaii Suzuki & Senou 2009 -- (Allen & Erdmann 2012:940 [ref. 31980], Suzuki et al. 2015:67 [ref. 33746], Viviani et al. 2016:5 [ref. 34831], Viviani et al. 2016:4 [ref. 34831], Winterbottom 2019:35 [ref. 37115]). Current status: Valid as Trimma imaii Suzuki & Senou 2009. Gobiidae: Gobiinae. Distribution: Northwestern Pacific: Izu Islands (Japan). Record from Bali (Indonesia) probably represents undescribed species (see ref. 37115). Habitat: marine.

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