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claudia, Halichoeres Randall [J. E.] & Rocha [L. A.] 2009:713, Figs. 8-13 [Zoological Studies v. 48 (no. 5); ref. 30520] Outside barrier reef 200 meters west of Tareu Pass, Moorea, Society Islands, depth 21 meters. Holotype: BPBM 9090. Paratypes: many at AMS, ANSP, BPBM, CAS, NSMT-P, USNM. Name treated as a noun in apposition. •Valid as Biochoeres claudia (Randall & Rocha 2009) -- (Kuiter 2010:289 [ref. 35285]). •Valid as Halichoeres claudia Randall & Rocha 2009 -- (Parenti & Randall 2011:34 [ref. 31299], Allen & Erdmann 2012:671 [ref. 31980], Fricke et al. 2014:131 [ref. 33932], Delrieu-Trottin et al. 2015:7 [ref. 33988]). Current status: Valid as Halichoeres claudia Randall & Rocha 2009. Labridae. Distribution: Indo-West Pacific: Cocos-Keeling and Christmas islands, Indonesia east to Line and Tuamotu islands, north to Philippines, south to New Caledonia. Habitat: marine.

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