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urucu, Corydoras Britto [M. R.], Wosiacki [W. B.] & Montag [L. F. A.] 2009:684, Figs. 1-3 [Copeia 2009 (no. 4); ref. 30609] Coari, Igarapé da Onça, Rio Urucu basin, tributary of Lago Coari, Rio Solimões system, 4°52'09.12"S, 65°18'03.6"W, Amazonas State, Brazil. Holotype: MPEG 14924. Paratypes: MNRJ 32446 (4); MPRG 11252 (4, 2 c&s), 12239 (6), 15012 (8). •Valid as Corydoras urucu Britto, Wosiacki & Montag 2009 -- (Tencatt et al. 2019:[14] [ref. 36697], Bentley et al. 2021:196 [ref. 38185]). Current status: Valid as Corydoras urucu Britto, Wosiacki & Montag 2009. Callichthyidae: Corydoradinae. Distribution: South America: Urucu River drainage, Solimões River system, Amazon basin, Brazil. Habitat: freshwater.

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