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rosammai, Aborichthys Sen [N.] 2009:15, Pls. 1-2; Fig. 1A-B [Records of the Zoological Survey of India v. 109 (part 2); ref. 30554] Pabomukh, Subansiri River, Dhemaji District, Assam, India, 27°34'N, 94°14'E, elevation 32 meters. Paratypes: V/F/ERS/2497 (4). Named for Smti. Rosamma Mathew, who is a woman, the correct species epithet would be rosammae, not to be corrected according to the ICZN. •Valid as Aporichthys rosammai Sen 2009 -- (Kosygin 2012:49 [ref. 32937]). •Valid as Schistura rosammai (Sen 2009) -- (Kottelat 2012:116 [ref. 32367], Lalronunga et al. 2013:589 [ref. 32927], Khynrian & Sen 2014:24 [ref. 33853]). Current status: Valid as Schistura rosammai (Sen 2009). Nemacheilidae. Distribution: South Asia: Arunachal Pradesh and Assam (India). Habitat: freshwater.

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