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neretvae, Alburnus Buj [I.], Šanda [R.] & Perea [S.] in Buj et al. 2010:137, Fig. 4 [Folia Zoologica: international journal of vertebrate zoology. v. 59 (no. 2); ref. 30888] Musnica River by the village Avtovac in Gatacko polje, 43°08.290'N, 18°34.343'E, Neretva River drainage, Adriatic basin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, elevation 960 meters. Holotype: NMP P6V 83139. Paratypes: NMP P6V 83140-83141 (2), PMF BAC 1-5 (5). Plus additional non-type material. Type catalog: Mlíkovský et al. 2011:152 [ref. 33498]. Need diacritical marks on z in Povz and S in Sanda •Valid as Alburnus neretvae Buj, Šanda & Perea 2010 -- (Ćaleta et al. 2015:47 [ref. 34877], Ćaleta et al. 2019:157 [ref. 37026]). Current status: Valid as Alburnus neretvae Buj, Šanda & Perea 2010. Leuciscidae: Leuciscinae. Distribution: Southeastern Europe: Neretva River drainage, Adriatic basin (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina). Habitat: freshwater.

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