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ancora, Eviota Greenfield [D. W.] & Suzuki [T.] 2011:63, Figs. 1-3 [Zootaxa No. 2812; ref. 31244] Iriomote-jima Islands, Uehara Beach, 24°25'03.27"N, 123°48'07.36"E, Ryukyu Islands, Japan. Holotype: OMNH-P21096. Paratypes: Photographed specimen (Fig. 2) not saved, plus at least one more specimen. Name ancora is an adjective. •Valid as Eviota ancora Greenfield & Suzuki 2011 -- (Greenfield & Suzuki 2012:55 [ref. 31797], Greenfield & Winterbottom 2016:62 [ref. 35011], Greenfield 2017:34 [ref. 35705], Greenfield & Randall 2017:69 [ref. 35852], Parenti 2021:138 [ref. 38603]). Current status: Valid as Eviota ancora Greenfield & Suzuki 2011. Gobiidae: Gobiinae. Distribution: Western Pacific: Ryukyu Islands (Japan), Raja Ampat Islands (Sulawesi, Indonesia), and photograph from Philippines. Habitat: marine.

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