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palau, Protanguilla Johnson [G. D.], Ida [H.] & Sakaue [J.] in Johnson et al. 2012:3, Figs. 1-4 [Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences; ref. 31476] Underwater cave, western fringing reef of Ngemelis Island, Palau, depth 35 meters. Holotype: NSMT-P 98249. Paratypes: CBM-ZF 12278 (1), 12279 (1); FSKU-P24231(1), P24232 (1); NSMT-P 98250 (1); USNM 396016 (2), 396051 (1), 396052 (1). Genus appeared first as Protoanguilla in electronic version (not nomenclaturally available, not enough copies distributed) name changed to Protanguilla in hard copy version (established in 2011). •Valid as Protanguilla palau Johnson, Ida & Sakaue 2012 -- (Springer & Johnson 2015:601 [ref. 33937]). Current status: Valid as Protanguilla palau Johnson, Ida & Sakaue 2012. Protanguillidae. Distribution: Underwater cave, Palau. Habitat: marine.

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