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napova, Cteniloricaria Covain [R.] & Fisch-Muller [S.] In Covain, Fisch-Muller, Montoya-Burgos, Mol, Le Beial & Dray 2012:135, Figs. 5-6 [Cybium v. 36 (no. 1); ref. 32000] Sipaliwini Savannah in Trio Amerindian territory at the Suriname-Brazil border, Four Brothers Mountains in a tributary of the Paru de Oeste River, gift of the Trio tribe in Sipaliwini. Holotype: MZUSP 108146 [ex MHNG 2704-030]. Paratypes: MHNG 2704-030 (6); MNHN 2011-0017 (2); MZUSP 108147 (2); NZCS F7071 (1). •Valid as Cteniloricaria napova Covain & Fisch-Muller 2012 -- (Covain et al. 2012:135 [ref. 32000]). Current status: Valid as Cteniloricaria napova Covain & Fisch-Muller 2012. Loricariidae: Loricariinae. Distribution: Upper Paru de Oeste River: Suriname-Brazil border. Habitat: freshwater.

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