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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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kysonensis, Danio Nguyen [V. H.], Nguyen [T. H.] & Mua [B. C.] 2010:62 [English 68], 1 Fig. [Tap Chí Sinh Hoc (Journal of Biology) v. 32 (no. 4); ref. 32043] Spring Nam Khien, Nam Can commune, Ky Son District, Nghe, An Province at the basin of Lam River, Vietnam. Holotype: NA.09.01.001. Paratypes: NA.09.01.002-008 (7). •Valid as Devario kysonensis (Nguyen, Nguyen & Mua 2010) -- (Kottelat 2013:99 [ref. 32989], Kottelat 2020:556 [ref. 37606], Kottelat 2020:283 [ref. 37829], Kullander & Norén 2022:66 [ref. 39049]). Current status: Valid as Devario kysonensis (Nguyen, Nguyen & Mua 2010). Danionidae: Danioninae. Distribution: Southeast Asia: An Province at the basin of Lam River (Vietnam); upper Nam Chouan (Laos). Habitat: freshwater.

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