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winterbottomi, Callogobius Delventhal [N. R.] & Mooi [R. D.] 2013:158, Figs. 1-5 [Zootaxa 3630 (no. 1); ref. 32677] Moheli Bay, on south coast about 3 nautical miles west of Nioumachoua at south west tip of island of Drondroni River, 12°21'15"S, 43°40'00" E, Comoros, Indian Ocean, depth 9-17 meters. Holotype: ROM 58914. Paratypes: ROM 92690 (2). Plus non-type material. •Valid as Callogobius winterbottomi Delventhal & Mooi 2013 -- (Delventhal & Mooi 2014:146 [ref. 33337], Fujiwara et al. 2021:261 [ref. 38707], Akihito & Ikeda 2021:107 [ref. 38331]). Current status: Valid as Callogobius winterbottomi Delventhal & Mooi 2013. Gobiidae: Gobiinae. Distribution: Western Indian Ocean: Comoro Islands and South Africa. Habitat: marine.

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