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nasus, Suculentophichthus Fricke [R.], Golani [D.] & Appelbaum-Golani [B.] 2015:59, Figs. 1-4 [Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation v. 16; ref. 33895] Israel, Gulf of Aqaba, Eilat, North beach, Red Sea, 29°32'40"N, 34°58'21"E, depth 0.5-1 meters. Holotype (unique): HUJ 20382. Original electronic version appeared on 20 July 2015; new electronic version with corrected name spelling "Suculentophichthus nasus" on p. 59 appeared on 21 July 2015. •Valid as Suculentophichthus nasus Fricke, Golani & Appelbaum-Golani 2015 -- (Bogorodsky & Randall 2018:[4] 242 [ref. 36492], Golani & Fricke 2018:29 [ref. 36273]). Current status: Valid as Suculentophichthus nasus Fricke, Golani & Appelbaum-Golani 2015. Ophichthidae: Ophichthinae. Distribution: Red Sea endemic: Gulf of Aqaba. Habitat: marine.

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