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cooperi, Nothobranchius Nagy [B.], Watters [B. R.] & Bellstedt [D. U.] in Nagy, Watters, Van der Merwe, Cotterill & Bellstedt 2017:209, Figs. 4-8 [African Journal of Aquatic Science v. 42 (no. 3); ref. 35665] Seasonal streams and associated seasonal pools in the upper Mansa River system, 20 km east of Mansa town on the road to Samfya, middle Luapula drainage, Luapula province, Zambia, 11°15.85'S, 29°02.57'E. Holotype: MRAC B3-028-P-0035. Paratypes: MRAC. •Valid as Nothobranchius cooperi Nagy, Watters & Bellstedt 2017 -- (Nagy 2018:130 [ref. 35736]). Current status: Valid as Nothobranchius cooperi Nagy, Watters & Bellstedt 2017. Nothobranchiidae. Distribution: Middle Luapula River drainage, northern Zambia. Habitat: freshwater.

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