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tosaensis, Chelidoperca Matsunuma [M.], Yamakawa [T.] & Williams [J. T.] 2017:[3], Figs. 1a, 2-5 [Ichthyological Research v. 65 (no. 2); ref. 35700] Off Tosa Bay, Kochi Prefecture (obtained at Mimase Fishing Port). Holotype: BSKU 53312. Paratypes: BSKU, FAKU, KAUM, MSM, NSMT, SPMN, UPVMI, USNM, WMHN. Plus additional non-type specimens. •Valid as Chelidoperca tosaensis Matsunuma, Yamakawa & Williams 2017 -- (Fricke et al. 2019:115 [ref. 36673], Lee et al. 2019:23 [ref. 36888], Ogino et al. 2019:15 [ref. 37056], Matsunuma & Tashiro 2020:157 [ref. 37726], Parenti & Randall 2020:113 [ref. 37354], Sonoyama et al. 2020:53 [ref. 37637], Tang & Ho 2021:11 [ref. 38370]). Current status: Valid as Chelidoperca tosaensis Matsunuma, Yamakawa & Williams 2017. Serranidae. Distribution: Western Pacific: Philippines to New Ireland (Papua New Guinea), north to southern Sea of Japan. Habitat: marine.

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