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obsolerus, Carcharhinus White [W. T.], Kyne [P. M.] & Harris [M.] 2019:7, Figs. 1-8 [PLoS ONE v. 14 (no. 1): e0209387; ref. 36436] Bangkok, Thailand, Western Pacific Ocean. Holotype: NMW 61463. Paratypes: ANSP. Species epithet spelled obsolerus in original description, which is an incorrect original spelling according to Dubois & Séret 2019: [ref. 36825], White et al. 2019:599 [ref. 36906]; corrected to obsoletus. •Valid as Carcharhinus obsoletus White, Kyne & Harris 2019 -- (White et al. 2019:599 [ref. 36906]). Current status: Valid as Carcharhinus obsoletus White, Kyne & Harris 2019. Carcharhinidae. Distribution: Western Pacific Ocean, Southern China Sea: Gulf of Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysian Borneo [possibly extinct]. Habitat: marine.

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