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arunachalensis, Noemacheilus Datta [A. K.] & Barman [R. P.] 1984:275, Pl. 14 [Bulletin of the Zoological Survey of India v. 6 (nos 1-3); ref. 8168] Namdapha River, Namdapha Wildlife Sanctuary, Tirap District, Arunachal Pradesh, India. Holotype: ZSI FF1713. Paratypes: ZSI FF1714 (2). Original genus is correctly Nemacheilus. See Das 2003:365 [ref. 27706] with second author as Burman. •May be a cobitid in the genus Lepidocephalichthys -- (Kottelat 1990:108 [ref. 14137], Arunkumar 2000:1103 [ref. 25767], Havird & Page 2010:154 [ref. 30739], Kottelat 2012:32 [ref. 32367], Bleher 2018:298 [ref. 36647]). Current status: Valid as Lepidocephalichthys arunachalensis (Datta & Barman 1984). Cobitidae. Distribution: Namdapha River drainage, India. Habitat: freshwater.

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