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gegonipa, Draconetta Parin [N. V.] 1982:558, Fig. 1c [Zoologicheskii Zhurnal v. 61 (no. 4); ref. 5305] Sala y Gomez Ridge, southeastern Pacific, 25°07'S, 99°39'W. Holotype: ZIN 45525. Paratypes: (4) IOM uncat. (2). Species epithet based on a combination of the first two letters of both first and last names of Russian ichthyologist Georgy Golovan (GeGo) and Ukrainian ichthyologist Nikolay Pakhorukov (NiPa); therefore to be treated as a noun in apposition, see Prokofiev 2021:736 / 979 [ref. 38970]. •Valid as Centrodraco gegonipa (Parin 1982) [often seen as gegonicus] -- (Fricke 1992:172 [ref. 20038], Fricke 2002:69 [ref. 26547], Fricke 2002:6, 7 [ref. 26581], Fricke 2010:345 [ref. 30772], Fricke 2015:215 [ref. 34018], Prokofiev 2021:739 [ref. 38970]). Current status: Valid as Centrodraco gegonipa (Parin 1982). Draconettidae. Distribution: Southeastern Pacific: Sala-y-Gomez Ridge endemic. Habitat: marine.

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