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terveri, Procatopus Huber [J. H.] 1981:39, Fig. [A review of cyprinodont fauna of the coastal plain; ref. 2271] Mpassa River, upper OgoouĂ© drainage, southeastern Gabon. Holotype: MNHN 1930-0050. Paratypes: MNHN 1930-0051 (8); MRAC 20203-04 (2); Uncat. (5) See Huber 1998:16 [ref. 23446] for locality information. Lazara 2001:256 [ref. 25711] states that publication was not distributed until spring 1982 and uses that date, but the author distributed copies in 1981 (thereby establishing 1981 as the date of publication). •Valid as Procatopus terveri Huber 1981 -- (Huber 1999:59 [ref. 23835]). •Valid as Plataplochilus terveri (Huber 1981) -- (Wildekamp et al. 1986:193 [ref. 6198], Lazara 2001:256 [ref. 25711], van der Zee et al. 2007:67 [ref. 30034], Huber 2011:6 [ref. 32018]). Current status: Valid as Plataplochilus terveri (Huber 1981). Procatopodidae: Procatopodinae. Distribution: West-central Africa: southeastern Gabon. Habitat: freshwater.