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rosea, Lipogramma Gilbert [C. R.] in Robins & Colin 1979:48, Figs. 5, 6d [Bulletin of Marine Science v. 29 (no. 1); ref. 6986] Northwestern coast of Isla Providencia, northwest of Santa Catalina Island, Caribbean sea, Colombia, depth 32-33 meters. Holotype (unique): UF 19636. Author is C. R. Gilbert. Lipogramma is feminine, based on line as in lateral line or lines on the body; the correct species spelling is rosea as originally proposed. •Valid as Lipogramma roseum Gilbert 1979 -- (Gilmore & Jones 1988:439 [ref. 12879], Gilmore 1997:782 [ref. 22975], Mooi & Gill 2003:1373 [ref. 27062], Dennis et al. 2004:74 [ref. 31601]). •Valid as Lipogramma rosea Gilbert 1979 -- (Baldwin et al. 2018:152 [ref. 35754]). Current status: Valid as Lipogramma rosea Gilbert 1979. Grammatidae. Distribution: Western Atlantic. Habitat: marine.

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