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Trichodon Tilesius [W. G. von] (ex Steller) 1813:468 Masc. Trachinus trichodon Tilesius 1813. Type by subsequent monotypy. Appeared as a name first published in synonymy of Trachinus; made available back to this date by later use as a valid taxon. Appeared under heading "Trachinus gasteropelecus vel Trichodon Stelleri" on p. 466; species as Drachinus trichodon on p. 406, and as Trachinus trichodon on Pl. 15. First subsequent valid use and technical addition of species probably by Cuvier 1829:149 [ref. 995]. Steller extensively quoted; authorship perhaps could be Steller. Also see Mecklenburg 2003:2 [ref. 27305] for remarks on authorship. Smith & Wheeler 2004:636 [ref. 28583] support placing the Trichodontidae in the Cottoidei. •Valid as Trichodon Tilesius 1813 -- (Mecklenburg et al. 2002:792 [ref. 25968], Mecklenburg 2003:1 [ref. 27305], Parin 2003:S20 [ref. 28536], Parin et al. 2014:463 [ref. 33547]). Current status: Valid as Trichodon Tilesius 1813. Trichodontidae.

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