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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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Microspathodon Günther [A.] 1862:35, 57 Masc. Glyphisodon chrysurus Cuvier 1830. Type by monotypy. Described in key (p. 35) as "II. Teeth in the upper jaw moveable: Microspathodon, p. 57." On p. 57 Glyphidodon [sic] chrysurus is treated but without mention of Microspathodon, but is only species in Section II (with moveable teeth). Correct spelling for genus of type species is Glyphisodon. •Valid as Microspathodon Günther 1862 -- (Richards & Leis 1984:544 [ref. 13668], Tang 2001:596 [ref. 25446], Carter & Kaufman 2003:1695 [ref. 27102], Cooper & Santini 2016:19 [ref. 34704] in subfamily Microspathodontinae, Parenti 2021:66 [ref. 38418], Tang et al. 2021:283 [ref. 38308]). Current status: Valid as Microspathodon Günther 1862. Pomacentridae: Microspathodontinae.

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