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Species related to Arcos poecilophthalmos: [ 2 ] records

paradiseus, Gobiesox Herre [A. W. C. T.] 1935:432 [Field Museum of Natural History, Publications, Zoölogical Series v. 18 (no. 12); ref. 2109] Eden Island, Galápagos Islands. Holotype: FMNH 17404. Paratypes: CAS-SU 24422 (1), USNM 121986 (1). Type catalog: Böhlke 1953:146 [ref. 12291], Ibarra & Stewart 1987:41 [ref. 12367]. •Synonym of Arcos poecilophthalmus [sic] (Jenyns 1842) -- (Briggs 1955:86 [ref. 637]). Current status: Synonym of Arcos poecilophthalmos (Jenyns 1842). Gobiesocidae: Gobiesocinae. Habitat: marine.

poecilophthalmos, Gobiesox Jenyns [L.] 1842:141, Pl. 27 (figs. 2, 2a, 2b) [The zoology of the voyage of H. M. S. Beagle; ref. 2344] San Cristóbal Island [Chatham Island], Galápagos Islands. Holotype (unique): BMNH 1917.7.14.70. •Valid as Arcos poecilophthalmos (Jenyns 1842) -- (Briggs 1955:86 [ref. 637], Allen & Robertson 1994:86 [ref. 22193] as poecilophthalmus, Grove & Lavenberg 1997:241 [ref. 24023] as poecilophthalmus, McCosker & Rosenblatt 2010:194 [ref. 30957] as poecilophthalmus). Current status: Valid as Arcos poecilophthalmos (Jenyns 1842). Gobiesocidae: Gobiesocinae. Distribution: Eastern Pacific: Galápagos Islands and Cocos Island. Habitat: marine.

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