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Species related to Lepophidium entomelan: [ 1 ] record

entomelan, Lepophidium Robins [C. R.], Robins [R. H.] & Brown [M. E.] 2012:24, Fig. 15 [Bulletin of the Florida Museum of Natural History v. 52 (no. 1); ref. 32161] Northern Gulf of Mexico, 29°13'N, 88°11'W, Oregon sta. 4583, depth 183 meters. Holotype: UF 214242. Paratypes: many at FMNH, GMBL, TU and UF. Plus non-type specimens. •Valid as Lepophidium entomelan Robins, Robins & Brown 2012. Current status: Valid as Lepophidium entomelan Robins, Robins & Brown 2012. Ophidiidae: Ophidiinae. Distribution: Western Atlantic: southeastern USA, Gulf of Mexico and off Yucatan (Mexico) to Nicaragua. Habitat: marine.

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