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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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    Please look in Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes for authorships of sections, Families of Fishes (all), and related information.

Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes Reference Record:

Balushkin, A. V., B. A. Sheiko and V. P. Prirodina  2012 (after 27 Nov.) [ref. 33667]
Katalog fondovoi kollekzii Zoologicheskogo Instituta RAN. Klass kostistye ryby (Osteichthyes) otryad okuneograznye (Perciformes) podotryad Zoarcoidei semeistva Bathymasteridae, Zoarcidae, Cryptacanthodidae, Ptilichthyidae, Zaproridae podotryad Icosteoidei semeistva Icosteidae. [Catalog of specimens in the collection of the Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences. Osteichthyes. Zoarcoidei: Bathymasteridae, Zoarcidae, Cryptacanthodidae, Ptilichthyidae, and Zaproridae. Icosteoidei: Icosteidae.] Zoologicheskii Institut RAN, St. Petersburg. 1-196. [In Russian, English abstract. Type catalog on p. 156-167.]

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