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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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Trachidermus Heckel [J. J.] 1837:159 Fem. Trachidermus fasciatus Heckel 1837. Type by subsequent designation. Subsequent designation not researched. Apparently not preoccupied by Trachyderma or Trachidermis; Aphobus Gistel 1848 is an unneeded replacement. Species spelled "efasciatus" in main heading (p. 160) but otherwise as fasciatus. Misspelled Trachidermis in 1990 edition of the Genera. •Valid as Trachidermus Heckel 1837 (often dated 1839 or 1840) -- (Watanabe 1960:113 [ref. 11959], Washington et al. 1984:443 [ref. 13660] as Trachydermis, Yabe in Masuda et al. 1984:326 [ref. 6441] as Trachydermis, Yabe 1985:111 [ref. 11522] as Trachydermus, Goto et al. 2014:1 [ref. 33456], Zhang et al. 2016:194 [ref. 34477]). Current status: Valid as Trachidermus Heckel 1837. Cottidae.

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