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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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Pseudobrama Bleeker [P.] 1870:253 Fem. Pseudobrama dumerili Bleeker 1871. Type by monotypy. Type species appeared as name only in Bleeker 1870:253, described in Bleeker 1871:60. If Bleeker's remarks on p. 253 are insufficient to validate the genus, then both genus and species date to Bleeker 1871:60 [ref. 6421]. •Valid as Pseudobrama Bleeker 1870 -- (Bănărescu 1997:26 [ref. 23274], Liu & He in Chen et al. 1998:223 [ref. 23878], Zhao et al. 2009:43 [ref. 30545] in Xenocyprininae, Tang et al. 2013:101 [ref. 33447] in Oxygastrinae, Zhang et al. 2016:64 [ref. 34477] dated 1871). Current status: Valid as Pseudobrama Bleeker 1870. Xenocyprididae.

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