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gonorynchus, Cyprinus Linnaeus [C.] (ex Gronow) 1766:528 [Systema naturae sive regna tria naturae v. 1 (pt 1); ref. 2786] Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. Holotype (unique): BMNH 1853.11.12.120 [Gronovius coll.] (skin). Type information: Wheeler 1958:208, Pl. 28 (fig. 2) [ref. 13434]. Spelled gonorhynchus in Gmelin 1789:1422 [ref. 18139]. The correct spelling of the genus is Gonorynchus, the species is gonorynchus and the family is Gonorynchidae. Based on the 'Gonorynchus' of Gronow 1763:55 [ref. 1910]. •Valid as Gonorynchus gonorynchus (Linnaeus 1766) -- (Smith 1986:209 [ref. 5712], Edwards & Glass 1987:629 [ref. 9166], Paulin et al. 1989:80 [ref. 24556], Grande 1999:456 [ref. 23803], Fricke 1999:82 [ref. 24106], Fricke et al. 2009:22 [ref. 30213], Ferraris 2016:1740 [ref. 34555], Fricke et al. 2018:58 [ref. 35805], Brown et al. 2019:158 [ref. 36444]). Current status: Valid as Gonorynchus gonorynchus (Linnaeus 1766). Gonorynchidae. Distribution: Southeastern Atlantic, southwestern Indian Ocean: Saint Helena, Namibia and South Africa to Mozambique, Madagascar and RĂ©union (western Mascarenes) [there now extinct]. Habitat: marine.