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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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innocens, Barbus Pfeffer [G. J.] 1896:66 [Die Thierwelt Ost-Afrikas und der Nachbargebiete v. 3; ref. 14617] Mbusini, East Africa [a little north of mouth of river Rukagura [Lukigura] into the Wami River, eastern Tanzania]. Lectotype: NMH H327 [ex 6934 in part]. Paralectotypes: NMH H510 [ex 6934] (7). Type catalog: Ladiges et al. 1958:157 [ref.19181], Wilkens & Dohse 1993:402 [ref. 21161] as syntypes. Lectotype selected by Ladiges et al. 1958:157 [ref. 19181]. •Valid as Barbus innocens Pfeffer 1896 -- (Lévêque & Daget 1984:251 [ref. 6186], Seegers 1996:101 [ref. 23725], De Vos et al. 2001:131 [ref. 26059] as 'Barbus'). •See De Vos & Thys van den Audenaerde 1990:153 [ref. 20130]. •Valid as Enteromius innocens (Pfeffer 1896) -- (Yang et al. 2015:112 [ref. 33694], Hayes & Armbruster 2017:353 [ref. 35417]). Current status: Valid as Enteromius innocens (Pfeffer 1896). Cyprinidae: Smiliogastrinae. Distribution: Eastern Africa. Habitat: freshwater.

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