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oualanensis, Petroscirtes Günther [A.] 1880:35 [Report on the shore fishes procured during the voyage of H. M. S. Challenger in the years 1873-1876 v. 1 (pt 6); ref. 2011] Ovalau Island, Fiji Islands. Lectotype: BMNH 1879.5.14.582. Paralectotypes: BMNH 1890.2.26.115 (1). Meiacanthus ovalauensis technically is an unjustified emendation by Smith-Vaniz 1976:103-104 [ref. 4144] and 1987:42 [ref. 6404] as Günther used the spelling oualanensis in the text and index, though apparently named for the island Ovalau. Lectotype selected by Smith-Vaniz 1974:105 [ref. 4144]. •Synonym of Meiacanthus atrodorsalis (Günther 1877), but a valid subspecies -- (Smith-Vaniz 1976:100 [ref. 4144] as ovalauensis). •Valid as Meiacanthus ovalauensis (Günther 1880) -- (Smith-Vaniz 1987:42 [ref. 6404], Myers 1999:218 [ref. 23965], Springer 2001:3545 [ref. 26290]) •Valid as Meiacanthus oualanensis (Günther 1880) -- (Smith-Vaniz et al. 2001:33 [ref. 26213] as ovalauensis,, Randall 2005:497 [ref. 28239], Patzner et al. 2009:456 [ref. 30396]). Current status: Valid as Meiacanthus oualanensis (Günther 1880). Blenniidae: Blenniinae. Distribution: Western Pacific. Habitat: marine.

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