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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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norvegicus, Rhombus Günther [A.] 1862:412 [Catalogue of the fishes in the British Museum v. 4; ref. 1969] West coast of Norway. No types known. Based on literature sources. •Valid as Phrynorhombus norvegicus (Günther 1862) -- (Nielsen 1973:618 [ref. 6885], Nielsen in Whitehead et al. 1986:1289 [ref. 13677], Evseenko 1998:58 [ref. 23643], Chanet et al. 2003:227 [ref. 27376], Chanet 2003:281 [ref. 27526], Evseenko 2003:S57 [ref. 28535], Fricke 2007:27 [ref. 30577], Bañon et al. 2010:23 [ref. 31029], Voronina 2010:695 [ref. 31094], Parin et al. 2014:522 [ref. 33547]). •Valid as Zeugopterus norvegicus (Günther 1862). Current status: Valid as Zeugopterus norvegicus (Günther 1862). Scophthalmidae. Distribution: Western Baltic Sea, North Sea, eastern North Atlantic, north to the Barents Sea. Habitat: marine.