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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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sanctaehelenae, Tetrodon Günther [A.] 1870:304 [Catalogue of the fishes in the British Museum v. 8; ref. 1995] Saint Helena Island, South Atlantic; Japan? Syntypes: (at least 4, including Japan ?) BMNH 1853.1.11.13 (1), 1868.6.15.22-23 (2), 2020.5.25.1 (1). Originally as sanctae helenae. Text somewhat unclear, if Japan material was doubtfully included, then type locality is restricted to St. Helena. Original genus should have been spelled Tetraodon. •Valid as Canthigaster sanctaehelenae (Günther 1870) -- (Tortonese 1973:647 [ref. 7192], Tortonese in Whitehead et al. 1986:1342 [ref. 13677], Edwards & Glass 1987:669 [ref. 9166], Smith-Vaniz et al. 1999:355 [ref. 25013], Moura & Castro 2002:43 [ref. 25970], Wirtz et al. 2014:12 [ref. 33516], Brown et al. 2019:183 [ref. 36444]). Current status: Valid as Canthigaster sanctaehelenae (Günther 1870). Tetraodontidae. Distribution: Southern-central Atlantic: Ascension and Saint Helena islands endemic. Habitat: marine.