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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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simulans, Hyphessobrycon Géry [J.] 1963:15, Figs. 1-3 [Tropical Fish Hobbyist v. 11 (no. 8) Apr.; ref. 4855] Rio Purus, Manaus, Brazil [corrected to River Jufaris, which empties into the Rio Negro just above Rio Branco]. Holotype: USNM 197510 [ex Géry coll. M.332.1]. Paratypes: Géry coll. M.332.2 (1), M.332.3 (1). Type catalog: Weber 1998:8 [ref. 23532] with holotype as MHNG 2171.19, Vari & Howe 1991:27 [ref. 19022] with locality information. •Valid as Paracheirodon simulans (Géry 1963) -- (Malabarba & Weitzman 1999:413 [ref. 24417], Fuller et al. 1999:186 [ref. 25838], Malabarba in Reis et al. 2003:153 [ref. 27061], Marshall et al. 2012:378 [ref. 31785], DoNascimiento et al. 2017:52 [ref. 35633], Bittencourt et al. 2020:5 [ref. 37634]). Current status: Valid as Paracheirodon simulans (Géry 1963). Characidae: Stethaprioninae. Distribution: Upper Negro and Orinoco River basins: Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela. Habitat: freshwater.