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magdalenae, Taeniura Duméril [A. H. A.] (ex Valenciennes) 1865:625 [Histoire naturelle des poissons ou ichthyologie générale v. 1; ref. 1150] Río Magdalena, Colombia. Holotype (unique): MNHN A-2368. Type catalog: Séret & McEachran 1987:21 [ref. 9312]. We treat authorship as Duméril (ex Valenciennes), not Valenciennes in Duméril. •Valid as Potamotrygon magdalenae (Duméril 1865) -- (Castex 1964:23 [ref. 20924], Nishida 1990:92 [ref. 19783], Galvis et al. 1997:25 [ref. 23651], Compagno 1999:495 [ref. 25589], Carvalho et al. in Reis et al. 2003:24 [ref. 27061] with author as Valenciennes, Carvalho et al. 2011:26 [ref. 31264] with author as Valenciennes, Weigmann 2016:156 [ref. 34211] with authorship as Valenciennes, Carvalho et al. 2016:581 [ref. 34422], Carvalho 2016:6 [ref. 34730], Carvalho 2016:639 [ref. 34997], DoNascimiento et al. 2017:33 [ref. 35633]). Current status: Valid as Potamotrygon magdalenae (Duméril 1865). Potamotrygonidae: Potamotrygoninae. Distribution: South America: Magdalena and Atrato River basins, Colombia. Habitat: freshwater.

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