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dentata, Trutta Koelreuter [I. T.] (ex Markgraf von Liebstadt) 1763:413, Pl. 14 (fig. 4) [Novi Commentarii Academiae Scientiarum Imperialis Petropolitanae v. 8 (1760-1761); ref. 2654] Brazil. No types known. Based on the 'Piabucu' of Willughby (ex Markgraf von Liebstadt) 1686:204, Pl. N13, Fig. 4 [ref. 30164]. Named 'Piabvcv' in Markgraf von Liebstadt 1648:170 [ref. 30347]. •Valid as Piabucus dentatus (Koelreuter 1763) -- (Ortega & Vari 1986:9 [ref. 9708], Géry et al. 1991:44 [ref. 21021], Planquette et al. 1996:234 [ref. 22818], Moreira in Reis et al. 2003:173 [ref. 27061], Guimarães et al. 2017:287 [ref. 36426], Meza-Vargas et al. 2021:20 [ref. 39298], Koerber et al. 2022:29 [ref. 39235]). Current status: Valid as Piabucus dentatus (Koelreuter 1763). Iguanodectidae. Distribution: South America: Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela. Habitat: freshwater.

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