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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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fucini, Barbus Costa [O. G.] 1853:Pl. 11 [Fauna del regno di Napoli Part 1; ref. 976] Lake Fucino, Abruzzo region, Italy. Syntypes: MNHN 0192 (1) Lake Fucino, NMW 54799 (1). Name available from table of plates and index, but not from text. Dated to apparent publication date for the index (1853) (see Bianco 1995:314 [ref. 21944]). •Synonym of Barbus tyberinus Bonaparte 1839 -- (Bianco 1995:313 [ref. 21944], Kottelat 1997:51 [ref. 22952], Bianco in Bănărescu & Bogutskaya 2003:427 [ref. 27353]). •Valid as Barbus fucini Costa 1853 -- (Lorenzoni et al. 2021:11 [ref. 38166]). Current status: Valid as Barbus fucini Costa 1853. Cyprinidae: Barbinae. Distribution: Southern Europe: southern Adriatic slope of the Italian Peninsula, south Apulia-Campania district, Italy. Habitat: freshwater.

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