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subelongatus, Hippocampus Castelnau [F. L.] 1873:145 [Proceedings of the Zoological and Acclimatisation Society of Victoria, Melbourne v. 2; ref. 758] Fremantle, Western Australia. Holotype (unique): MNHN A-4535. Type catalog: Bertin & Estève 1950:53 [ref. 19576]. None of the reasons cited by Kuiter 2001:330 [ref. 25900] to change the subsequent selection of Lourie et al. 1999, selecting subelongatus over elongatus are valid; Kuiter's reasons are not supported by the Code -- there is no such thing as page preference for example, or because subelongatus is a derivative of elongatus. Type follows discussion in Kuiter 2001:330 [ref. 25900]. •Wrongly as a synonym of Hippocampus elongatus Castelnau 1873 -- (Kuiter 2001:330 [ref. 25900]). •Valid as Hippocampus subelongatus Castelnau 1873 -- (Lourie et al. 1999:123 [ref. 23993], Paxton et al. 2006:828 [ref. 29073], Kuiter 2009:94 [ref. 30404], Laurie 2016:98 [ref. 34505], Lourie et al. 2016:41 [ref. 34632], Hamilton et al. 2016:Supplement 2 [ref. 35615]). Current status: Valid as Hippocampus subelongatus Castelnau 1873. Syngnathidae: Syngnathinae. Distribution: Australia: Western Australia. Habitat: marine.

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