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macrolepis, Opisthognathus Peters [W. (C. H.)] 1866:520 [Monatsberichte der K√∂niglichen Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin 1866; ref. 3439] Bangkok, Thailand. Holotype (unique): ZMB 6177. Correct spelling of original genus is Opistognathus. •Valid as Opistognathus macrolepis Peters 1866 -- (Smith-Vaniz 1999:2589 [ref. 24833], Smith-Vaniz in Randall & Lim 2000:612 [ref. 25122], Smith-Vaniz 2004:222 [ref. 27780], Hoese & Bray 2006:1075 [ref. 29000], Smith-Vaniz et al. 2012:20 [ref. 32262], Biswas et al. 2013:2 [ref. 32524], Yoshida et al. 2013:102 [ref. 34464], Yoshida in Kimura et al. 2018:107 [ref. 36460], Smith-Vaniz 2023:72 [ref. 40049]). Current status: Valid as Opistognathus macrolepis Peters 1866. Opistognathidae. Distribution: Indo-West Pacific: east coast of southern India east to Gulf of Thailand, north to northern Vietnam, south to Gulf of Carpentaria (Australia and Papua New Guinea). Habitat: marine.

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