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spilurus, Scarus Valenciennes [A.] in Cuvier & Valenciennes 1840:279 [Histoire naturelle des poissons v. 14; ref. 4882] Caroline Islands, western Pacific. Misspelled pilurus on p. xvii. •Synonym of Scarus sordidus Forsskål 1775 -- (Randall & Bruce 1983:31 [ref. 5412], Choat & Randall 1986:221 [ref. 8099]). •Synonym of Chlorurus sordidus (Forsskål 1775) -- (Parenti & Randall 2000:53 [ref. 24943]). •Valid as Chlorurus spilurus (Valenciennes 1840) -- (Randall 2007:362 [ref. 30952], Parenti & Randall 2011:37 [ref. 31299], Delrieu-Trottin et al. 2015:7 [ref. 33988], Hoschke et al. 2019:159 [ref. 36626], Fricke et al. 2019:242 [ref. 36673], Kadir in Motomura et al. 2021:58 [ref. 38121]). Current status: Valid as Chlorurus spilurus (Valenciennes 1840). Labridae. Distribution: Eastern Indian Ocean, western and central Pacific: Cocos-Keeling Islands, Malaysia and Indonesia east to Hawaiian Islands (U.S.A.) and Pitcairn Group, north to Ryukyu Islands and Ogasawara Islands (Japan), south to Western Australia, Lord Howe Island and Rapa. Habitat: marine.

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