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balookee, Chela Sykes [W. H.] 1839:160 [Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1838 (pt 6) (for 27 Nov. 1838); ref. 18720] Indian Ocean [original Deccan, India]. Neotype: ZMB 3425. Appeared first as above, then in Sykes 1839:57 [ref. 4306]; more complete treatment in Sykes 1841:360 [ref. 18868]. Neotype designated by Kottelat 1996:61 [ref. 22468]; Kottelat as first reviser selects balookee as having priority over teekanee Sykes in same work. •Valid as Salmostoma balookee (Sykes 1839) -- (Kottelat 1996:61 [ref. 22468], Menon 1999:27 [ref. 24904], Kottelat 2013:158 [ref. 32989] as balooke). Current status: Valid as Salmostoma balookee (Sykes 1839). Danionidae: Chedrinae. Distribution: India and Myanmar. Habitat: freshwater.

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