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dorsalis, Doras Valenciennes [A.] in Cuvier & Valenciennes 1840:284 [Histoire naturelle des poissons v. 15; ref. 1008] America [Brazil] and ?Cayenne, French Guiana. Syntypes: MNHN 0000-4156 (1) Brazil. Type catalog: Ferraris 2007:173 [ref. 29155]. Keith & Merona 2000:101 et seq. [ref. 24496] treat MNHN 4156 as the name-bearing paratype (p. 101, abstract and 102), and as the lectotype (p. 102 in table 1), and incorrectly treat a holotype [the specimen from the Cabinet du Roi] on which most of the description was based in 1840. Technically, the original description was based on 2 specimens (syntypes) and no holotype was established. One specimen [MNHN 4156] was collected by Humboldt, the second specimen supposedly from Cayenne is apparently lost. Designation of MNHN 4156 as lectotype would be appropriate, however, the mention of lectotype in table 1 without a statement as to the taxonomic purpose of the designation (after 1999) means their lectotype designation is invalid. We continue to treat 4156 as the surviving syntype. However, this species perhaps dates to Cuvier and Valenciennes 1837:186, Pl. 62 (fig. 2) [ref. 26488]. This interpretation differs from Ferraris 2007:173 [ref. 29155]. •Valid as Lithodoras dorsalis (Valenciennes 1840) -- (Keith & Merona 2000:101 [ref. 24496], Le Bail et al. 2000:46 [ref. 24549], Camargo & Isaac 2001:145 [ref. 27639], Sabaj & Ferraris in Reis et al. 2003:462 [ref. 27061], Ferraris 2007:173 [ref. 29155], Birindelli 2014:536 [ref. 33501], DoNascimiento et al. 2017:88 [ref. 35633] as Lithotodoras, Meza-Vargas et al. 2021:22 [ref. 39298]). Current status: Valid as Lithodoras dorsalis (Valenciennes 1840). Doradidae: Doradinae. Distribution: SouthAmerica: Amazon River basin and estuary near Cayenne (Brazil, Colombia, French Guiana and Peru). Habitat: freshwater.

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