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heterognathos, Myrophis Bleeker [P.] 1858:9, Pl. 3 (fig. 1) [Acta Societatis Regiae Scientiarum Indo-Ne√™rlandicae v. 5 (art. 9); ref. 16963] Nagasaki, Japan. Holotype (unique): BMNH 1867.11.28.305. Spelled two ways originally, heterognathos in text (p. 3, 9) and in caption to Pl. 3, as heterognathus in legend on p. 12; latter regarded as a misspelling. •Valid as Gnathophis heterognathos (Bleeker 1858) -- (Smith 1989:521 [ref. 13285], Karmovskaya 2004:S15 [ref. 28053], Ho et al. 2015:147 [ref. 34130], Ho et al. 2018:237 [ref. 36049] as heterognathus, Sonoyama et al. 2020:19 [ref. 37637]). Current status: Valid as Gnathophis heterognathos (Bleeker 1858). Congridae: Congrinae. Distribution: Northwestern Pacific: Taiwan to Japan. Habitat: marine.