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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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macrostoma, Gobius Günther [A.] 1861:44 [Catalogue of the fishes in the British Museum v. 3; ref. 1964] Australia. Holotype (unique): BMNH 1953.12.31.6. Günther regarded Gobiopsis macrostomus Steindachner 1860 to predate his Gobius macrostoma when he considered them secondary homonyms, so Günther replaced his macrostoma with Gobius microphthalmus in the same work (Günther 1861:550 [ref. 1964]). The original spelling was macrostoma, implying a noun in apposition. However, the replacement name is not congeneric, and both macrostoma species have been treated as valid. •Treated as valid as Redigobius macrostoma (Günther 1861) [sometimes as macrostomus] -- (Kuiter 1993:357 [ref. 23929], Gomon et al. 1994:805 [ref. 22532], Larson & Hoese in McDowall 1996:223 [ref. 22909], Kuiter 1997:346 [ref. 25488], Johnson 1999:749 [ref. 25471], Larson 2001:208 [ref. 25522], Larson & Murdy 2001:3601 [ref. 26293] as macrostomus, Allen et al. 2002:284 [ref. 25930], Hoese & Larson 2006:1681 [ref. 29097], Hoese & Larson 2008:770 [ref. 30660], Larson 2010:161 [ref. 30783], Larson 2011:237 [ref. 31740], Kuiter 2018:90 [ref. 36369]). Current status: Valid as Redigobius macrostoma (Günther 1861). Gobiidae: Gobionellinae. Distribution: Southeastern Indian Ocean, southwestern Pacific: southern Queensland (Australia) to South Australia, including Tasmania. Habitat: brackish, marine.

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