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nudiventer, Dibranchus Lloyd [R. E.] 1909:168 [Memoirs of the Indian Museum v. 2 (no. 3); ref. 2814] Bay of Bengal off Arakan, Myanmar, depth 1100 fathoms. Holotype (unique): ZSI 1127/1 (lost). Figured in Lloyd 1909:Pl. 45 (fig. 2) [ref. 20539]. Holotype lost according to Dr. P. K. Talwar, ZSI, Dec. 1986. Reasons for loss of ZSI type specimens during WWII see Chopra 1947:349-350 [ref. 33077]. •In Dibranchus with uncertain status -- (Bradbury 1967:415 [ref. 23209]). •In Halieutopsis near vermicularis -- (Bradbury 1999:261 [ref. 23930]). •Incertae sedis in Ogcocephalidae -- (Bradbury 2003:14 [ref. 27309]). •Valid as Halieutopsis nudiventer (Lloyd 1909) -- (Ho 2021:38 [ref. 38926]). Current status: Valid as Halieutopsis nudiventer (Lloyd 1909). Ogcocephalidae. Distribution: Indo-West Pacific: off Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Melanesia, Australia, RĂ©union and South Africa. Habitat: marine.

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